Professional Boxer Hector Camacho Jr. Returns to the Ring Against Rob Emerson on June 15th in Destin, Florida

Professional Boxer Hector Camacho Jr . Makes  Come back with  Fight  Against  Rob  Emerson  on  June   15th in  Destin, Florida 

Destin, Florida  – May 20, 2024 ( –  Professional  boxer  Hector  Camacho Jr . is  gearing  up  for  a  comeback  as  he  prepares  to  face  off  against  Rob  Emerson  on  June  15th in  Destin, Florida . The  highly  anticipated  fight  will  be  broadcasted on and  is  expected  to  be  a  thrilling  match -up.

Managed by  Clay  Dustin  from  Xstream Entertainment , Hector  Camacho Jr. is  known  for  his  impressive  skills  in  the  ring  and  his  dedication  to  the  sport  of  boxing But  his  talents  extend  beyond  the  ring , as  he  is  also  a  strong  advocate  against  cancer  and  bullying .

In a  recent  development , Hector  Camacho Jr . has  signed  with  Gus  King  George, FOUNDER  &  CEO  of  the  INTERNATIONAL  STOP  BULLYING &  VIOLENCE NOW  TOUR  INC for Branding Management. 

” I.S.B. &  V.N.T. INC.” for  promotion  products  and  branding. This  partnership  aims  to  raise  funds  for  cancer  research  and  to  combat  bullying  and  gun  violence 

 “I believe  that  boxing  saves  lives ,”says  Hector  Camacho Jr. ” I am  honored  to  be  a  part  of  this  important  cause  and  to  use  my  platform  to  make  a  positive  impact  in  the  world .”

As part  of  their  efforts , Hector  Camacho Jr. and  I.S.B. &  V.N.T. INC. have  teamed  up  with Sponsor Coreleone Records in Baltimore Maryland to  launch  a  fundraising  campaign.

In  Addition , new  boxing gyms are  being  constructed  in  Dayton , Ohio, with  a  focus  on  implementing  anti -bullying and  violence  prevention  programs  for  students  leaded by David Clay Brooks of Daba Highschool Dean of students 3rd street boxing and fitness. Plus Gus George has brought his long time mentor in boxing “Lorenzo Rin Scott” From Alliance Ohio.
Gus met Lorenzo from his Father Goldens Glove Champion Former manager to Marion Connor and judge to professional fights Christ “Pappas”. This is the first venture of many to be created and established throughout the entire Nation.

Donate to kids with cancer by helping HECTOR CAMACHO JR LEAD THE FIGHT

Authors are I.S.B. & V.N.T. INC. & MODERN X LLC



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